Kibi was created during a brainstorm session for a start-up concept. During the project, you take on the role of an entrepreneur who wants to start a business and sell an interactive digital product.

Ultimately you can be selected and you will have the opportunity to give a presentation during the ‘Dragons’ Den’. Kibi was one of the lucky ones that was chosen, in the end we were also chosen by the Dragons’ Den as the most innovative concept.

Kibi was designed in 3 weeks to reduce paper waste by digitizing receipts and warranty certificates and to make budgeting easier.

For this we have made an app and a website that solves this problem.


The team behind Kibi

Brandon Frank

* Scrum master
* General research
* Webdesign
* Stylesheet
* UI
* Logo design
* Trailer

Demi de Graas

* Website building
* General research

Nathalie Rosenbrand

* General research
* Cost calculation
* Planning

Emanuel Velez Cano

* Interactive prototype
* UI
* Interviews

Stefania Dimitrova

* Moodboard
* Logo design

Martin Minchev

* Trailer illustrations

Let's make something beautiful! 

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