My projects

Website - Chaka Travel

Chaka Africa Travel organizes special trips to South Tanzania. Your vacation is totally adjusted to your personal wishes. Elly Siers is the driving force behind this specialized tour operator from Twente. Experience her boundless passion for this part of Tanzania!

Website / business card design - Kinderdagverblijf 't Landveno

After having a good talk with Elyne and Gerlize, I started working on their website and business card.
It was already clear which colors they wanted on the website so it was no problem for me to implement them. Of course, I also used these colors for the business card so everything would be in harmony.

Website - Ondernemen 2.0

Ondernemen 2.0 was born from the passion of Patrick to help entrepreneurs move forward as quickly and efficiently as possible. Instead of extra investments in staff or expensive software, you can hire Patrick. With With Patrick’s practical hands-on approach, he makes a plan that will allow the company to grow structurally.

Website / Logo redesign - Klasjiek

After a long and good conversation I started to make the first design of the website. During this process I made sure the client knew every step that I was about to take and made a plan of action and showed her exactly what my intentions were. After thorough research, I was convinced that the logo also needed a re-styling. Of course I consulted with the owner first before making the change.

Flyer -

For, it was important that people were buying subscriptions for their service. This was made attractive by using flyers with coupons on them for a free trial. The cameramen would take the flyers with them and handed them out when they were shooting a film somewhere.

Animation/cook video - LikeMeat

This was a dish from the brand Like Meat. Like Meat sells meat substitutes and shows through ‘tasty videos’ that you can make a delicious meal with it.
I had to edit the raw videos. Editing means cutting, speeding up/slowing down and animating a few images.

Corporate Animation - DSS

The assignment was clear. The animation had to show what Digital Sales Support can do for a customer with the help of fast images, clear text and a nice voice-over.

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