PLUizig avontuur

Innovation delivers new possibilities to a market. In this project we focus on the research &
development side of innovation. Exploring new hard and software with technical and/or functional
innovations that results in an interactive demonstrator.

In this project you pick a question and build your own team, our team picked the question ‘How can we build a a game using AR/VR for kids, that utilises audio cues, to get away from their screens and to engage in physical (educational) activity?’

Combining technology and knowledge, we create different VR/AR oriented study games for children of the age 6-8. 
Our approach is to create a virtual environment for children based on their likings and preferences, being different environments for studying, object interactivity and game variations. Our mission is to bring a more interesting and immersive learning environment in the classroom. As children are naturally motivated by the newer technological innovations, our product is sure to keep the attention of the youngsters and make gaining knowledge fun and interactive.

Our product requires a VR headset. After successfully equipping the headset you will see is a start screen with the treehouse in the background.

Using the controller, you can start the game which will lead to a short fadeout scene and locate you inside the treehouse where a plushie koala sitting on a tree and a plushie squirrel sitting on a stump that will guide you through the goal of the game. In the main room you can explore and interact with some of the assets. Inside the room is located an empty bookshelf used to store the trophies which you win trough playing the game. After you interact with Chippy the squirrel you will be led to a grassy plane with Chippy’s house. This is the location of the mini game where you have to catch balloons containing letters with a butterfly net to properly fill in the gaps in words presented on a blackboard.

Oculus GO Gameplay

The team behind Pluizig Avontuur

Brandon Frank

* Co-Scrum master
* Designing mechanics

* Designing mini-game characters
* Animations
* Toy car model
* Kody VA
* Website
* Testing preparations & lead

Avery Pereira

* Scrum master
* Audio engineer
* Music, audio, and all present sound effects
* FMOD implementation
* Outline shader
* Combining mini-games with school subjects
* Git control

Jelle Vrieze

* VR Implementation
* Programming functionality
* Lead engineer

Emanuel Velez Cano

* Particle effects
* Lighting artist
* Post processing
* Level design
* Colour correcting in unity
* Spatial UI elements for mini-games

Stefania Dimitrova

* Designing and sketching characters from Brandon
* Character portraits for Chippy and Kody
* Modelling Kody in ZBrush
* Trees for the balloon mini-game
* Start, replay, exit button
* Skybox

Martin Minchev

* Swing for balloon scene
* Colour theory for kids research & shapes research
* Modelling the main room & toys
* Writing website content

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