Tetem chooses a winner from every four of our project classes. These winners exhibit their project at the Maker Festival Twente (Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 May 2019). GEAR was one of the lucky winners.

Maker festival Twente is a Tetem production. Tetem is an art organization, with the main
focus on media art and media and society and is located in Enschede

Theme for this edition: Metropolis – as in the 1927 science fiction film directed by Fritz Lang.

The organization chose this film because the main topic is technology that changes society. This theme can be your inspiration, you don’t have to stay very close to the film, story or visual features – you just have to know why this theme was chosen: we live in an ever-changing society. Technology is changing everything, and we don’t know what the world will look like in 25 years.


The main target group of the festival are children (4-12 years) and their parents. It’s important to keep these kids and their curiosity for exploring and creating in mind when coming up with the main idea / theme for the chain reaction / incredible machine.

Incredible machine


The team behind GEAR

Brandon Frank

* Scrummaster
* Synopsis
* trello/scrum
* audio moodboard
* Graphic design stylesheet
* design for the lasercut stuff
* Making the box
* Game rules
* Logo design + names

Jelle Vrieze

* Game code
* Asset list
* Arduino code
* Arduino circuitry
* GIT setup

Demi de Graas

* one paper
* presentations
* Making the box
* Design the box (how to make it etc. )
* Website
* Chain reaction
* Animation for the website
* Soldering
* Justification book

Judith Müller

* Art for the game
* Object/ character design
* Animation for robot/spring/explosion
* storyboard
* concept sketches

Kaylee Bonte

* intro / outro image
* Art for the game (tiles, rail-tracks, furnace, conveyer belt object) + background
* Clock and gear image for the top
* Invision prototype
* Cost calculation

Jimmy Dadema

* Moodboard
* Graphic design stylesheet
* Game over screen (opening door, game over screen)
* Level layout
* Art for the game
* Infographic

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