aan tafel!

Aan Tafel! Teaches you the process of potatoes in a fun, educational way. Harvest potatoes, make fries and prepare a delicious dish!

This project lasted 8 weeks. In these 8 weeks my team and I have been working hard developing 3 different mini-games for the OYFO museum in Hengelo.

The 3 mini-games:
Farm (phase 1):
plant potatoes, water them as you watch them grow and protect them from insects. When the plants are fully grown, they can be harvested by dragging the plant to the truck.
Factory (phase 2):
Conveyor belt management. There are several conveyor belts, some speed up the package, some slow down the package and some lead the package elsewhere. It is up to you to take the package from A to B.

Kitchen (phase 3):
Choose a recipe you want to make. Choose your own vegetables, cut the vegetables, grill the meat and prepare the dish.


The team behind Aan Tafel!

Brandon Frank

* Co-Scrum master
* Creative Designer
* Designing mechanics

* Level Designer
* UI & animation Artist (Farm & Factory)
* Trailer

Avery Pereira

* Scrum master
* Audio Designer
* Technical Designer
* Shader Artist
* Presentations

Jelle Vrieze

* Farm & Kitchen engineer
* Event tooling for designers & implementation
* Dragging/Swipe controller

Emanuel Velez Cano

* Concept art
* Farm environment artist
* Fish & chips modelling
* Game logo artist

Stefania Dimitrova

* Kitchen UI Artist
* Burger recipe modelling
* Kitchen tutorials animations

Gabe Danilov

* Factory engineer
* Algorithms for scoreboards
* Tooling for museum requirements

Chloe Bläker

* Lead artist
* Factory modelling
* 3D animations
* Lighting & Post Processing

Michela Paolucci

* Kitchen appliances & environment artist
* Chili cheese dish modelling

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