Brandon Frank

Think, Design, Deliver

With my previous study Interaction Design, I made sure I have mastered the tools to work and think in practice. I will also include this in my follow-up study CMGT – Design (Saxion) to further expand my knowledge in the design industry.

I am a person who likes to think actively, a real team player and I also like to be involved when it comes to developing concepts.

Honesty is my priority, I have an open personality and like to think in solutions.

Structure and regularity are deep within me, as without a plan there is no cause.

About me

Who am I?

At the moment I am studying Creative Media and Game Technologies (CMGT) at the University of Saxion in Enschede where I have picked the Designer path. Some of the classes that I follow are 3D modelling, UX / UI design, web design and design thinking. Before I started this study, I studied Interaction Design at ROC van Twente and graduated in 2018. I was mainly busy designing websites and animations.

I always like being around people. A nice evening on the terrace or a nice evening at home with a movie or a fun game, count me in!

During projects I like to take the lead, I immediately see what someone can excel at and what their qualities are. In advance, I make a plan, and approach with a schedule by using the SCRUM method. With a clear structure and good planning you ensure that your teammates know what to do, if they don’t, they can always ask me for advice. Together with my team we always strive for success!

What can i do for you?

Do you need a corporate identity, a website or a (corporate) animation? I’m happy to help you out!

Graphic Design

Do you need a corporate identity? A poster? flyers? business cards? letter paper? I can make it for you! Do you have another idea? Feel free to contact me.

Web Design

Everything that has to do with websites, designing, building a website or a webshop? I’m ready to help you out.


These can be either 2D or 3D animations. You can contact me with any questions.

recent work

Below there are some projects I have worked on recently. More projects can be found on my portfolio page.

Let's make something beautiful! 

Do you have a fantastic idea but you don't know how to proceed? Do you have questions? Do you want to give your website a complete makeover? Feel free to contact me!